Thursday, December 31, 2015

Minding one's own business

"God" does not write books or invent religions. God DOES create the world and it's creatures. God instills in each (animal) an animal nature which in mankind is diverse and more complex than most. It includes the ability/propensity to act in ways that other individuals find perverse and horrifying. I personally am upset by all humans that cannot/will not mind their own business. That includes more than muslims but certainly most of them (think the parasite/rent-seeking class). I try to live by a mantra suggested to me by Jonathan Edwards in his creative effort Sunshine which tells me "You can't even run your own life, I'll be damned if you'll run mine.". I am a Quaker minister that leads by example, being a Majority Of ONE as suggested by Thoreau and a Change I Wish To See Made as by Ghandi. These "wisdoms", as I attach value to, are so widespread in oral and written history as to be seen in every culture including, I suppose, in the morass of busybodiness that comprises islam-filth. I have stated, though I will not try to prove, that I could find some truth in Mein Kamph. Too degrading is why. By keeping it simple, I know what to hate (like all political effort to control others as well as coercion/force) and avoid having my efforts directed by those that are demonizing a particular group "over there", the favorite tactic of would-be "leaders" for all time.