Wednesday, August 24, 2005

John Woolman's 'War on War' now

I believe that God has but one rule to follow with many permutations. The rule is 'Do not use coercion on any fellow man capable of reason'. Permutations include 'Do not sit idly by while coercion is used on your neighbor'. I believe also that Christ taught two lessons - how to live and how to die. The living part is rather easy. Many people would rather gloss over how he died. I do not believe that he died in our place but that we must risk death at the hands of the tyrants or give up any claim to glory. Simple, right? Paying taxes to government is the opposite of preventing the use of coercion, don't you agree? Getting a drivers license and registration plates to use the roads that you own is, too. Anyone that agrees with me is welcome to manufacture your own plates and "register" them with (I own the site). Have transfer letters made that say that and fit across the top of a white painted-over state plate (saving the black letters/numbers) and other transfer letters saying "permanent" beneath them. When you write to me I will print out an official looking certificate and post your info on the database (accessible only with a password unique to you). This is the walk that I walk, the change that I wish to see made. In Connecticut, I am resisting property taxes for the eight years I have owned a townhouse in Clinton, relying upon the State Constitution, Article 9 (read it). I pay no income taxes to anyone, either. I do not have time to get around gas taxes, however. I buy most of my goodies on eBay. I advocate making direct, polite approaches to legislators at all levels pleading the position of conscience (NOT - spend the tax money on my favorite cause). I advocate easing out the traitors from all the Churches leadership positions (the ones that support Romans 13, 1-8). On the Duty of Civil Disobedience is nearly perfect gospel to me.