Wednesday, June 08, 2016

 What is success - I posited on Quora - "Achieving a particular goal without hurting anyone/anything. Combine that for all goals and I would feel truly blessed. As a warmonger, however, SOME things I do contribute to the war on people and places near and far. My goal then becomes to reduce my ‘war footprint’ to as small as possible. I strive toward that by paying as little taxes as possible and not advocating, indeed counter advocating, for earthly government whenever I act or speak. St Francis taught to preach constantly using words when necessary. Gandhi taught to be the change and HDT to be a majority of one, all similar messages and all in the first person."
After 2 days, however, 93 (72 in the first 28 minutes) people had viewed my answer but only ONE had upvoted this. This defines my belief system, leaving out the Martin Luther and Daniel Read parts, (and other Protestant Hymns, Sacred Harp numbers) of course. I'm complicated, as you are, but simple.


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