Thursday, May 08, 2014

ONE on-line conversation I had this morning

Roger Roots (look him up) firmly established that cops are unconstitutional. The main problem AFTER that is police academies being publically funded. Copdom feels 'invested' in these scumbags after paying for the "education" and is loath to give that up. If they were hiring prospects that had paid for their OWN "education", I feel that they would fire an awful lot more on WAY slimmer grounds. After that, cop unions.

Police academies exists to serve the people, not the "students" who attend them. Turning them into money-making machines only serves to make those who run them rich, and to provide more incentive for corruption.
Are colleges and trade schools "money-making machines"( that " only serves to make those who run them rich, and to provide more incentive for corruption.")? I sense cognitive dissonence AND Stockholm Syndrome working on the other side of this conversation. Police Academies (I attended one) serve "the people" only in the sense that they are publically owned. The fact that the attendees are 99.9 % corrupt wielders of illegal force is diametrically opposed to the "public interest". The "public interest" is ONLY served by persons that observe the Golden Rule. None of those corrupted individuals come close to doing that. Nobody that has or seeks tax-funded employment does that. I might presume that no one that advocates for cops, such as you, has any disposition to align with the concept of the Golden Rule. Further, I get the feeling that you have lived believing that some words written in legislatures and police departments entitles rent-seekers to do quite the opposite. If this be the case, I pity you. I'll be blogging this dialog.


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