Thursday, January 29, 2015

I, for one, and I hope that I am far from alone in this, have no "leaders" that are not ideas. People, like me, have clay feet. I am not a candidate for sainthood although I am a 'saint'. Ideas, though, good and bad, are rather simple things that can be examined, discerned for correctness and adopted or rejected, followed faithfully or imperfectly by individuals. People alone will stand before God at Judgment for the deeds they have done far more than the words that have spewed. If words have helped, they are deeds. If words have hurt, they are deeds. Take care, as Ida Stone of Worcester, had done in her 96 and 7/10s years to comfort the afflicted, to sooth the sorrowful, to love the needy.


Blogger James Blanc said...

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Blogger John Boanerges Redman said...

Hmmm. Words/deeds. Where to go with that. One the one hand, words, in music, are just about the most important part of my life. I listen to folk music almost my entire waking hours and anti-war songs the most meaningful to me. They inspire me to structure my life to reduce my individual war footprint to as small as possible. I pay as little taxes as I can and do not participate in telling others what to do. My "telling of others" I try to limit to setting an example as suggested by Gandhi, Thoreau, St Francis and Quaker tradition. True, it is MY example that I hold no other to. My greatest wish is that everyone decides to lead their own parade (instead of following another's). My deeds are local acts of charity when possible.

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