Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Are today's events any worse than previous ones?

   I feel like the level of depravity HAS hit new lows and I study history - a lot. Slavery has never ended, part of the current depravity with women and children sold by US states' CPS on a daily basis and wage slavery almost universal and tax slavery a lot closer. The holocaust is the same genocide practiced on selective "suspect" races/groups since governments were invented. While people focusing on the period of African slavery in historical references are probably focused on African slaves sold to the west, they may not be aware of the majority of the trade that went to the north and east - and then disappeared as a result of Arab torture and slaughter. If people of black African descent feel inclined to join the religion of those that more or less invented the slave trade and carried out that genocide, it's because they have not apprised themselves of history. Oh, the 'religion of peace' was not selective in kidnapping and torturing except that it had to be vulnerable people less inclined to warfare and more inclined to trade. The English (turn head and spit) were a lot like that with respect to Irish, Orientals and native people wherever they found them (the Doctrine of Discovery, which they didn't invent but adopted enthusiastically, eased their conscience adequately). But, oh, the advances in art, science and "culture" we have been gifted by them. Why, we Irish were the proving ground for the greatest land survey/land theft in history at that point with Cromwell's Down Survey. A lot of surplus Irish Catholics were created by that, more than the western black African slave trade by far.


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You do write well, and your compassion comes through resoundingly. You should keep posting. This appears to be where you find some comfort.

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