Friday, January 31, 2014

Recent rant on Reader Supported News

People calling themselves "socialists", do you prefer suffering under the ravages of a dictator to running your own life? oBOMBer has signed an EO  (13603) that transfers control of virtually everything to the POTUS in the event that POTUS - not Congress - declares an emergency. That is textbook dictatorship. Some schooling here- capitalism is not a form of government but IS a form of raising funds for new or expanding companies - often corporations. It is innocent of the charges. Those charges are merely words to distract the easily frightened - you, obviously. Corporatism certainly IS a form of government. Corporations are created by government with advantages to both. We would hope that OUR advantage would be transparency and accountability. Can you say Monsterousanto? ???? I'm still listening? Anyway, what the corporations get out of it is limited liability (from that accountability) PLUS a revolving door and insider access. Seems to be a key feature in the Communist block, as well but they didn't have shareholders (do NOW, though). What the government gets out of it is unshared transparency (lotta wealthy congress-critters, yes) and that revolving door. Back to socialism. It's chief feature is to accumulate control of as many segments of society as possible and institute top-down supervision. It is known for one-size-fits-a ll solutions for thew problems it itself creates. It responds by grasping more control. It often does not wait for a problem to arise but stages false flag events to justify new powers for itself. Corporations are evil (ALL governments are incorporated) also in that their only obligation is to return profits to the owners/shareholders. The WAY that profits are divided is a story in itself in that often the ones taking the LEAST risk are first at the trough. If I'm not clear, I hate corporations, ALL of them. They give unaccountable power to fallible humans that are ALWAYS corrupted by it. I tellem "You can't even run your own life, I'll be damned if you'll run mine." (Jonathon Edwards). I wish that all would do that. One way (that I pimp) to counter the burgeoning police state is to join/support and

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The evils of socialism, government in general

Let's understand what socialism in the context of government really means. I posted on Facebook today a comment stating that ALL governments are socialistic because it is the stated purpose to centrally control aspects of society. Top down, one-size-fits-all solutions are the ravings of a madman/woman. The proof of this is that the job description of control freak is that of a psychopath/sociopath.The big high-sounding one, using different words, is the monopoly on the use of force. The nudge nudge wink wink is that it is to be used against "criminals". In fact, it is used against anyone and anything that is perceived to threaten its power and taken to the point of threatening the EXPANSION of power.Think dissent.The most obvious way is to keep making more and more non-harmful activities into crimes. The next way is to manufacture foreign enemies to "protect" sheeple from. The third way is to make so many people into government employees that a lack of will to oppose is created in a large percentage of the population. This, of course bites into the profit of the productive sector, bringing poverty and misery for the government to promise 'solutions' for. Where does this expansion of power take place? It is regular social (voluntary) functions that are coveted by government. Roads, charity, every aspect of security are most prized, I think. Food production is well under central control already, too. At some point, enough aspects of daily life are under government Central Control that nobody can mistake the nature of the government (but many will delude themselves - cognitive dissonance). At no point does peaceful revolution become impossible, so, don't loose hope. With all of the recent violent revolutions, there has yet to be a peaceful result. Ukraine, take warning.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Posted in a RSN article about Fukushima

Time for a word on DU? This was a program presented to (by JCS) and approved by Truman (who also gave us poisonous stannous fluoride (a waste product of Alcoa Aluminum) in our water) which ended up being used in the keels of 747s (and even the keel of an America's Cup entry) until aircraft crashes/fires exposed the folly of that (folly? Excuse me, FAR worse a crime than "folly" conveys). Excuse me for the barely concealed anger I feel. I'm SUPPOSED to love my fellow humans but control freaks are my special trouble. I'm going to conclude this post by pleading that these readers join/support wagingnonviolen