Sunday, February 23, 2014

Recent (today) scriblings on capitalism and related isms

Capitalism is merely and ONLY a method of acquiring the capital to begin, grow or promote a new or existing business. It has NOTHING to do with governance. It has NOTHING to do with evil. It is a TOOL. CapitalISTS, however are often enough involved, as any person influenced by power, with evil when they use top-down methods to control the lives of others. It is the act of ruining the lives of others that begins the process of governance. The very involvement of minding the business of others is an act of socialism and government is necessarily socialism differing only by degree from what is popularly acknowledged as dictatorships, the concentration of all power in the hands of the very few. Central Control is socialism's defining feature. When capitalISTS are involved in the inner circle, it is called 'The German style' . When political idiologs predominate, the Russian/Chinese style. If Capitalism were to be a form of government, it would be characterized by it's absence, thus NOT a form of government at all, but the flowering of freedom. It must be said about the Russian/Chinese style, however, that once in power, the "ownership" of the means of production necessarily devolves to members of the inner circle and the resemblance to corporatism grows stronger generationally. In the end, it's like the supposed "differences" between the two-party stranglehold going on about here.

  • OK. Now explain how Anarchy defends against the excesses of CapitalISM and corporatISM.
    My argument is only a Representative Democracy, with engaged citizenry, can effectively counter the Zombie like, relentless, pursuit of profit, regardless of general welfare that is the core guiding principle of corporatism.
    Don't tell me how our present system is failing. I know that. How is Anarchy not the handmaiden of Corporatism?

  • John Redman Without a sanctioning body - government - corporations simply cannot exist. Anarchy does not preclude a court system, only a corrupted-by-government one. A company would have to submit to private arbitration or suffer vigilante revenge. No company can hire a thug scrum larger than an enraged population. You have in the Ukraine a live example. Having the best performing gun salesperson in history sitting as POTUS, right now, shows that the demonstrators will not suffer the disadvantages of the majority of the Kiev "rabble". An "Engaged citizenry" only lasts about 1 and 1/2 generations. How long did the Constitution last before the Alien and Sedition Act came about, the Whiskey Rebellion was "put down"? Democracy is the worst form of government. Most dictatorships are democracys. Having said that, ALL governments are dictatorships. Some hide the claws better than others. OK, what ARE the "excesses of capitalISM"? I'll answer to the excesses of capitalISTS. A lot of them are fucking murderers but it is POWER that led to that. Capitalism is simply a tool for starting, building or maintaining a pool of capital, Kitchen knives, baseball bats, guns and automobiles may be used to harm others but they are not at fault. Cruel or careless PEOPLE are responsible. It wasn't spoons that made Rosie fat, you know. Always we must deal with people.


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