Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A conversation with a statist today.

Victor  Water was safe because of the Clear Water Act Bill passed in 1972, with the help of Pete Seeger, Now, that Cheney exempt from the Clear Air Act and all the ACTS! water no longer safe!

John Redman Can you begin to SEE what a fraud that Clean Air, Water, legislation is about? Take back Common Law Grand Juries and common law remedies like Riparian Rights from the control freaks. A PRIOR lesson (fogotten) is the laughable "Anti-Trust" crap from the "progressive era". So, Victor, any "safety" provided by that Nixon-era legislation was PLANNED to rob rights from minority neighborhoods (from the get-go) and everyone eventually. Oh, NH is expecting salvation from western-invading pollution but will give it up to Maine over ITS pollution. What will be the "cost" to the polluters? Minimal at best but they will "look good" for "protecting people". HS HS HS HS HS. "But it's better than nothing", you say? Riparian Rights, friends, look it up.

John Redman EVERYONE (Pete certainly included) that trusts government to "solve" problems is throwing away all hope because "the man" that conducts wars (26 years of "peace" since 1776, you know) has a completely different set of priorities. Why do you think that Izzy Stone wrote All Governments Lie? What inspired George Carlin to speak publically about the evils of government? Did you think he was KIDDING? If so, why? A crisis of confidence? Afraid of bucking "the man"? Regain your courage and your honor by DEFYING in every way you can every vestige of tyranny. Drivers License???? Why?? Property taxes???? Why? To go along to get along? Feel good about that? The "best" politicians know just what scraps to throw to voters (and WHICH voters) to get elected (especially reelected) and convince people that he/she has a MANDATE. If you vote, you are likely to fall for that shit. Again, George Carlin had words for that. Remember the words of Phil Ochs, "I Ain't Marching Anymore", and LIVE them. The lives of your progeny depend on it.

Victor John... remember the government is US! WE the PEOPLE must solve the problems... don't separate them... I worked for the government many years and learned.. all we are is people learning how to solve our problems we created within this civilization we now live in!

John Redman That is a pack of shit Victor. I worked for the USN (7 1/2 yrs), the USPTO (7 yrs), the US Army at Ft Monmouth (3 yrs), The USN at the Sound Lab in New London, Ct (2 1/2 yrs), The State of Ct as a cop for three years. I escaped with my mind under MY control and now I'm a Quaker minister. If "people" are working to solve "problems", why is it continually getting worse? Constant war (26 years of "peace" since 1776, you know). Maybe "problems" should not be "solved" by committees,ya think?


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