Thursday, December 29, 2011

Real (to me) religion

I'm not sure why I feel the need to say this right now, but I do. Religion is a very personal relationship between the inner me and God. I believe that every choice is a moral choice. I believe that I have to check in about even the smallest things. I have a conscience. It is my interface. I wrote a paper yesterday where I stated that I use the Ten Commandments as guidance. Well, I do but my main 'Commandment' is Thou shalt not use force or coercion on your fellow humans. My second 'Commandment' is Do not sit on your ass while force or coercion is used on your fellow human being. I have stated this previously in this blog. What religion certainly is NOT is a list of rules that want to govern every aspect of daily life. That is micro-management and is a substitute for the personal decision concerning what is moral. The ULTIMATE in this non-thought is embodied in islam. I looked at an article today that said that islam is overtaking the western world. I believe that the western world is skidding backwards towards islam, the ultimate in telling people what to do in every situation. I believe that islam is a filth casting its statist shadow over human thought. I cannot speak strongly enough against islam. I cannot speak strongly enough against statism. For as long as I draw breath I will oppose, nonviolently, the substitution of 'rules' for human thought.