Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An answer I advance in a FB post

The evils of government ARE structural, my point exactly. Government is Hate as God is Love and IS the anti-Christ. It IS the tempter that falsely promises answers if people only pray to it. The 'going along to get along' is of this nature and  comprises worshiping false gods/serving (at least lip service) two masters. So, ---------- -----, yes, you are volunteering to serve Hate when you vote, pay taxes, get a drivers license and/or call yourself a national citizen (accept Social Security payments or make them). God created us as free beings tasking us to respect the freedoms of our fellows and the integrity of His world. To accept a slavish existence is to reject God and His promise of Heaven. Your choice. God will accept that choice at Judgment. Every choice is a decision between a moral one and an immoral one. Verily, you have been taught and must now conform your life to that of Christ.


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