Thursday, March 11, 2010

A friends is worried about what "Tea-Baggers" are saying

So, I said:

Dear Ricky,

Maybe I have not made myself clear, so, here I go in my typical, shocking fashion ( I am a racist, remember?)(humans vs all others and dogs are second). Any person that considers him/herself a "Mexican" IS a dirty soul. Any person that considers him/herself an "American" IS a dirty soul. A "Georgian" "Atlantan", "Hapevillan", whatever. God does NOT endorse nationalism in any fashion, so, neither can I. I DON'T believe in open borders. I believe in NO borders. I believe in INDIVIDUAL (not CORPORATE) private property but in welcomeness and generosity alongside that. I believe in Family and I believe in Friends. I love people and I hate some ideas, statism being number one in that category. If one pays any form of homage to the state that individual is worshiping false gods, period. That goes for Tea-baggers, Republicans and Democrats, too. "If they can get you to be asking the wrong questions then they don't have to worry about the answers" (I forget who).


John Boanerges Redman, Pain In The Ass always


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