Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Stack's use of violence (which provokes more violence)

I just wrote this to Chuck Baldwin concerning his wish that Joe Stack had not killed himself (and, potentially, IRS workers in the building).

Dear Chuck,

I, too feel that he jumped bad. He should, as ALL children of God SHOULD do, have turned his back on the false god and made it irrelevant. Instead. most people, yourself included, count yourself as "Americans" and (you) Floridians. Nonsense. God did not create nations. He created no separate peoples or races. He created Humans to love each and every other human as himself. THAT is the only recognized-from-Heaven (like seeing the Great Wall from space) way of worshiping God. Do you believe that He is vain in wanting people to mouth words about how much they "love" Him and then go pay taxes to a gang of criminals who use the funds to kill? You had better not think that or your soul is forfeit for worshiping false gods and not following the Christ who taught, as told us in Luke 24, 1 - 2, to NOT pay taxes. Preachers who lead their flock towards 'patriotism' and government service instead of rebellion to the anti-Christ are whores of the devil and partly responsible for the murder of millions, nay billions, of innocents. Bonhoeffer was on the right path, don't you think? He, like Christ, laid down his life to stop the oppression of innocents. Take up your cross and follow Him for his burden is light and the alternative is death of the soul. Luther taught "let goods and kindred go, This mortal life also. The body they may kill, God's truth abideth still. His Kingdom is forever." Lose your pride in what Reagan did. He killed innocents, too, as did every president and (earthly) ruler for the last 130,000 years (oldest carbon dated man-made tools). Civil disobedience (NOT what Joe did) cuts without wounding and ennobles every person that wields it (MLK).


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