Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another person who takes responsibility

I encountered a kindred thinker on one of my YahooGroups. He said:

"The doctrine of accepting Jesus into your heart as your personal Lord
and Savior is a false doctrine and has absolutely no scriptural
authority at all. There is not a single passage anywhere in the Bible
that teaches this childish stupidity.

It is idolatry and dumber than some paganisms.

It is a magical belief that a magical incantation of specific words can
save you.

That rapist and murderer who does a deathbed confession is a "worker of
lawlessness" in the words of Jesus and IS NOT saved by a verbal
confession/magical incantation.

People who believe this false doctrine are misled and have no
understanding of what the bible states.

"Many will say to me LORD, LORD . . . but I will say unto them, Depart
from me you workers of lawlessness for I never knew you."

Very clearly Jesus is saying your salvation hinges on keeping his law,
not on drawing near to him with your lips on your deathbed. That's what
faith in Christ means...obedience, not hollow proclamation of belief.

That's why he will reject the workers of lawlessness, as he said above,
even though they claim to have him as their savior.

Jesus himself said those who do not keep his law, will not be saved in
His Kingdom.

Your false preachers are itching your ears by telling you a few hollow
words are the key to eternity. Actually the content of your character is
exactly what Christ will judge you by.

"Faith without works is dead, being alone."



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